Microsoft Teams Review For Teachers

The current COVID-19 situation forced global schools to provide some form of remote learning platform to all the students. Microsoft Teams for Education is a comprehensive platform that offers all the features and capabilities required for remote learning and online schooling. It simplifies class management by allowing teachers to prepare and give live classes, post assignments, and stream lecture videos. Students can use it for internal meetings and sharing course materials or lessons.

This approach allows for synchronous and asynchronous student-student discourse and offers opportunities for all students to engage in meaningful discussions. The Microsoft Teams consultants at EPC Group provide risk-free migration with zero downtime and effective change management.

Microsoft has integrated ThingLink into Teams, which is capable of showing 360-degree virtual tours. A teacher can take a class on a virtual field trip without filling out any permission forms, organizing groups, or even using the time needed to get there. Once you are logged in Flat, click on the tab “Classes” on the left of your screen on any dashboard page. You will need a Flat for Education account to use this feature. 3) Open multiple organizations by using a browser and the app.

Microsoft Teams For Online Teaching

You will have all the same options in your private chat, including the ability to add documents, stickers, gifs, etc. Once the channel is created, you can then add posts and load files within it that relate to that particular topic, as well as interacting with others in your team. It’s important to note that when you are chatting with multiple team members within a channel, you can use the @ feature to get their attention. This calls out specific team members, and the ‘@’ can simply be added before their name to select them. A link to the video is shared in the meeting chat when the video is done processing.

Microsoft Teams Lessons

Teams allows you to integrate with Office Apps you already use, such as Word, Excel, and OneNote, while keeping track of messages, meetings and more. Sharing the workload can also mean asking students to work individually, with their final product contributing to a compiled collective document. For instance, to review poetic and literary devices, I assigned students the task of creating a PowerPoint slide with key information about specific devices.

Add A Few Tabs To Help The Team Hit The Ground Running

With the drop-down menu on the side, you can begin creating different Channels. You can have separate Channels that relate to certain topics. So, you could have a Team for your Math class, with a Channel about a big project coming up. When you are in a Channel you can make posts, add files, and videos. You can create channels for specific conversations or projects within your team. Chat records will stay there for review later, or to allow people to respond without requiring an immediate reply.

The versatile and evolving features in Teams help educators unlock the full potential of virtual classrooms or remote learning. Microsoft Teams has created a powerful, secure, and trusted environment for the modern education industry to learn and grow. Responding to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic, Teams for Education emerged as a savior. In no time,Microsoft Teamsbecame the online classroom that anyone can access from anywhere.

Using Microsoft Teams In A Hybrid Classroom

AChannelprovides focused areas where you can chat, share files, and post assignments within a Team. Nearpod– adding this app allows you to share a premade Nearpod lesson with your students.

Microsoft Teams Lessons

Certain information, like vocabulary words, state capitals, and elements on the periodic table, can be learned with reps. Give them a list of links to several videos or articles they can explore … Post a video online for them to watch — or one from your Stream.

How To Access Live Lesson On Ms Teams

Good feedback also includes what the child is doing right. Wiggins wrote that feedback needs to be goal-referenced, tangible and transparent, actionable, user-friendly, timely, ongoing and consistent. We are going to apply these to the elements within Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Lessons

Teachers can provide assignments to the students and track and grade them within MS Teams. Microsoft Teams offers a platform for students to seek help with their studies and stay connected with teachers and classmates. Insights– View analytics for your course, including student progress, participation, trends across activities and assignments, and areas where students may need additional help. Instructors will see new class teams corresponding with all their courses. Check out thisfive-minute video for sharing files in Teams.

Create the video and post it in OneDrive, sharing a link with others who may want to watch. Create a PowerPoint slide deck and share it with students so everyone can edit. Each student, on his/her own slide, takes a picture of himself/herself. Add a shape (speech bubble/thought bubble) and add text showing what the student thinks/says about what he/she has learned. Encourage students to keep a learning journal in a Word document. Add a new entry when a new activity, lesson or unit is completed. Have them write about what they think about their learning.

Link Microsoft Teams Classroom To Existing Classes

When you create a team, you will first have the option to either build it from scratch, or create it from an existing Office 365 group or team. This second option is for any business that already has an Office 365 group. Groups are great as a quick way to create a team with members already attached. Using the tabs and links on the top bar for quick student navigation.

To do this, click the circular user account icon in the top-right corner and confirm you are signed in to your account. If it’s not the right account, sign out and then sign back in with Microsoft Teams Lessons the correct one. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

Offer specific changes to individual sentences, slides, cells, etc. in a file based on the learning goal. For the feedback to be meaningful, provide actionable ideas and easily understandable ways to improve in this chat. Help the child feel supported and successful as they progress.

Setup A Microsoft Teams Class On Flat

Use theLeavebutton when you are ready to exit the meeting. Use the Camera on/off button to enable your video camera. If you do not want to appear on camera, switch off your webcam by clicking the camera button. Your web browser may prompt you to select between the Web version and the desktop version.Select the option to open the Teams desktop version.

Expectations And Features To Share With Your Students

What’s great about selecting the environment is that each option will slightly customize your Teams experience to these profiles. One thing that’s been really helpful for me is creating “Class chats” where every student in my class is part of a chat (this is separate from the “team” area of Microsoft Teams). It allows me to send messages and important updates/information to students. It’s also a place where students can ask each other questions and work together towards their learning goals. When students finish a lesson, they may still be curious about what they’ve learned. They may want to do more or learn more — especially during remote learning, when they have extra time on their hands. Here, teachers can provide smaller amounts of feedback to individual students that is more individualized and targeted.

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